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Tips & Tricks to clear AD0-E202- Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Exam

I often get asked a lot about how to pass Adobe analytics practitioners. So, Finally, here I am putting in some important tips and topics that you need to get yourself comfortable with before taking the exam. Note: This is my point of when I prepared and gave the exam and does not guarantee the results

Adobe Analytics is one of the most powerful tools for web analytics, now it has almost become one of the famous solutions that enterprise businesses rely on for their online business, most business analysts, data analysts, and business stakeholders know this solution kind of become a mandatory skill and a demanding skill as well in digital marketing job market space. Certifications often help us to make us stand out in the crowd.

The Adobe Analytics Business Practioner exam is the first level of certification in Adobe analytics and this article will help you with the preparation

Important things to Know:

  • You can clear the exam, only if you have worked or have enough knowledge, especially on reporting, visualizations, dashboard creation, etc.

  • For someone who implements adobe analytics day in and day out, they miss out on reporting pieces which is the crucial part in clearing the exam

  • Even if, you haven't worked on reporting while preparing, you would need to prepare on these below topics

  • The pass mark is 30/50 which is 60% and the exam cost is $225

  • Exam Mode: Both Online & Offline

  • It is a strict proctored exam if you are taking it online, I would suggest you go online because you will get the result immediately once the test is submitted

  • You would need to carry identity proof for the exam without fail, you would be receiving the exam instructions prior to the exam date. The reason, I mentioned this is because I know of some of my friends who could not take the exam because of not have the ID proof

Tips to prepare:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a business practioner

  • Have a clear understanding of which visualization is used for which use a case in reporting

  • Take the sample test provided by adobe and score more than 80% after your preparation, you can expect similar questions in the final test as well.

  • Try to have a visual map of the navigation of the UI, try to go to each component in UI and explore them and understand the use of it

  • Below are the topics you need to be comfortable with

  1. Business Analysis

  2. Reporting for dashboard and projects

  3. Segmentation and calculated metrics

  4. General Tool Knowledge and basic troubleshooting

  5. Administration and different types of accesses in the admin console

Topics to Prepare:

These are some of the high-level things that you can look out for and prepare for before giving the exam.

If you do pass, you will be getting a credly certificate and the badge which you can share on your do share out your results on your Linkedin and go forth and use your wealth of Adobe Analytics knowledge. Good luck with the test!

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