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Tips & Tricks to clear AD0-E209 Adobe analytics developer exam

This is my continued post on Tips & Tricks to clear the AD0-E200 Adobe analytics Business Practioner exam

The Adobe analytics developer exam would be the second level of certification for adobe analytics

According to my opinion, if someone works on the implementation of Adobe analytics through a tag manager like Adobe Launch day in and day out, this exam would be easier than a bp or an architect exam. The exam focuses a lot on syntaxes, adobe launch, and various components.

Let's look at some important things to know before giving it

Important things to remember:

  • You can easily clear the exam if you are aware of the whole data collection process in adobe analytics

  • Number of questions: 50

  • Format: Multiple-choice and multiple select

  • The pass mark is 31/50 which is 60% and the exam cost is $225

  • Exam Mode: Both Online & Offline

  • It is a strict proctored exam if you are taking it online, I would suggest you go online because you will get the result immediately once the test is submitted

  • You would need to carry identity proof for the exam without fail, you would be receiving the exam instructions prior to the exam date. The reason, I mentioned this is because I know of some of my friends who could not take the exam because of not have the ID proof

Below are the tips and important concepts for you to prepare on

Tips to prepare:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a developer or an implementation specialist, what are the day-to-day tasks of an implementation person

  • Go through this exam guide provided by adobe

  • Have a clear understanding of syntaxes in Appmeasurment.js

  • Major topics to look out for would be: Adobe Launch, Syntaxes of variables if you are using Appmeasurment.js, the configuration of variables: various settings in admin

  • Basic understanding of dataLayer and how to capture data from dataLayer for various use cases in the launch

  • Having an understanding of how to debug implementation using various debugger tools like - Adobe experience cloud debugger

  • End-to-end understanding of deploying analytics through launch

  • You should be thorough with the syntaxes of configuration variables

  • Give the practice test to know where you stand and analyze the report card that you get after submitting the practice test, practice test provided by adobe gives amazing analysis on weak areas in which you need to focus and strong areas where you excelled along with learning tracks

  • The basic idea of troubleshooting issues while implementing

Topics to prepare:

These are some of the high-level things that I have put together, that I focused on as well when preparing for the exam. Once you submit your test, you will get a pass or fail immediately. If you clear it, you will be getting a credit certificate and the badge which you can share on your do share out your results on your Linkedin and go forth and use your wealth of Adobe Analytics knowledge. Good luck with the test!

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